Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the kit?
Based on single kit production, either kit is £3,700 + vat (we hope to reduce the cost with batch production) Note: This is a complete kit with fuel and ignition control, for comparison we have worked out the cost of other options - click here.

When are you doing a 4 cylinder version?
Well thanks to the great feedback at the show, we have now begun and we are searching for a car to test the system on.

Does the TR6 kits fit TR5?
Although we haven't test fitted the conversion on other triumphs with the 6 cylinder engine, both our manifold assembles fit in the same space as the original PI system, the single throttle body manifold in the MK2S kit can be supplied with the inlet angle reduced to clear the GT6 bonnet. Clearly as we aim to provide a quality product that fits first time, we would prefer to test fit the kit on your car and ensure everything is perfect.

Do you provide a fitting service?
Due to the ease of fitting and hands on nature of classic car owners, we had previously assumed that this wouldn’t have been required in the majority of cases. Given the feedback at the show, we will now be looking at the feasibility of offering a fitting service.

Will you sell me component part x?
Sorry, we will not be offering individual parts of the kit sale.

Will it work with a turbo/supercharger?
The MK2S kit with the addition of a Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) sensor would be perfect for a turbo or supercharger conversion. The single throttle body manifold is particularly well suited for forced induction. If you wanted ECU boost control (to enable switchable low and high boost maps) a waste gate solenoid control valve would need to be added. (All supported by the ECU)

Do the kits provide altitude correction?
If you’re planning a trip outside the UK with a wide range of temperature and pressure differences, our EFI conversion kits will outperform the mechanical injection as it compensates for air temperature changes by varying the fuel and ignition. However, the kits do not include barometric pressure compensation as its not required for most applications; we can supply it as an optional extra to either kit and will provide this upgrade free of charge to the first customer requesting it in exchange for feedback of its operation.