Fuel System Comparison

Used Lucas Injection + Refurbishment
Triple Weber Carburettors Conversion
Throttle Bodies
(£120) + (£405)
40mm DCOE Carbs
(£60) + (£125)
New Throttle Linkage
Throttle linkage
Metering Unit
(£75) + (£350)
Fitting kit and Hoses
Injector Hoses
(£25) + (£80)
Fuel Filter
(1 x £15)
Bosch Fuel Pump Conversion
Pressure Regulator
New Pressure Relief Valve
£1890 (+ camshaft)
£2640 plus £300+ for setup

The above costs are based on 2nd hand prices at the IWE 2010 show and refurbishment by one of the fuel specialists at the show.

Note: Going this route you will have to install a 120 or 150 cam and head to match the throttle body port spacing.

The above costs are based on new prices from the leading suppliers online catalogs.

Note: Going this route you will have to have the carbs setup on a rolling road as they are only supplied with best guess jets.

Both of the above options do not alter the ignition system, a common cause of poor performance and reliability.

You will not gain the benefits of EFI and it will have cost 1/2 to 3/4 of the cost of our system.