Update - TR International Weekend 2011

We will have an outside display at the TR International Weekend.

Hope to see you at the show.


Update - Four Cylinder Kits

Development of a four cylinder conversion kit has started.

The conversion is based on a shorter version of the proven Mk2S Single throttle body manifold.


Update - Batch Production of MK2S Kits

The first three Mk2S TR6 converion kits are in production.

We hope to add further details to the converterd car section in due course.


Update - Official Launch @ TR Register IWE 2010

We had a great weekend meeting hundreds of people, great atmosphere and interesting questions kept use busy on both days.

Both kits were on display:

Mk2M - Fitted to the engine test bed.
Mk2S - Fitted to the development car.

In summary our EFI conversion kits were well received, with the most asked question being - When are you doing a 4 cylinder version? (FAQ section added)

The website has also had a significant update.

Couple of photos from the show.

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