Mk 2 EFI Conversion

Why a Mk2?

Due to frequent interest in the Mk1 EFI conversion.

Why does your TR6 start like a modern car? idle smoothly? stay with my 150HP? were some common questions asked.

So during 2009 the Mk1 conversion was revised to allow the conversion to be productionised and home installed, the MK2M was born.

The opportunity was also taken to make several improvements:

Conversion Parts List:

Modified Original Components (exchange basis):

New Components:


The kit is easily fitted by a competent home mechanic capable of normal servicing activities, no special tools required.
The ECU comes with a map installed, however we recommend that the system is tailored to you engine specification at a rolling road to maximise performance and economy.

Applicable to:


See Dyno Results.

Lately we have further developed the MK2 kit with a manifold to specifically fit the port spacing of US cars. Please see the MK2S and MK2M kit pages.